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Employee Testimonials

I have been very lucky to have spent most of my career, 20+ years, with The Dolben Company.  Beginning in Sales and ending in Property Management, The Dolben Company has been supportive and nurturing in whatever direction you choose to take within the Company.  Through education, training, and leadership, The Dolben Company offers their employees the means to excel in their profession and achieve their goals.  Dolben is more than just an employer; it is a company with family values and a true sense of team.
Debbie Roebuck
Regional Property Manager

The Dolben Company was my first experience working in Residential Property Management. They hired me with confidence, knowing they would provide exceptional and necessary training that would be both mine and our key to success.  Even after completing the initial “Manager in Training” program, The Dolben Company continues to offer training courses that introduce new material while also refreshing on the old.   I have learned and grown so much through Dolben’s efforts and commitment toward their employees and I only hope for it to continue in the future.
Caitlin Bishop
Property Manager

Ten years ago I made the decision to change careers and began working for Dolben in maintenance. I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given to work for such an upstanding, professional company. Throughout these 10 years, my experiences at Dolben and with my co-workers always remind me that I made the right decision to change my career. I look forward to another 10 years!
Henry Amaral
Maintenance Technician

I have been very impressed with Dolben's initial and ongoing training program. They really care about my professional development and I feel very supported and respected here. It's a joy to come to work every day and work side by side with such professional, hard-working, and customer-focused colleagues. I take a lot of pride in working for such a top-notch company.
Lisa Green
Leasing Consultant

I came to the Dolben Company with no prior experience in the industry, and was given the opportunity to take part in their Management Trainee Program. From day one, it was evident that Dolben is a company that places a high value on employee training and education. Since then, as I’ve grown within the company, Dolben has consistently shown that they truly take notice of and reward their employees for their hard work, and I believe that is one of the highest compliments anyone can pay a company.
Pat O'Keefe
Regional Property Manager