Drexel M. Costello, CAM

Property Analyst

In this role, he will maintain and implement ownership’s business plan for the properties in his portfolio. This includes working with the corporate management team and site staff to analyze property performance and capital needs. He will also provide ownership with support to model potential acquisitions, financing and refinancing, and create long term financial projections. In addition, he will be responsible for external investor reporting for Dolben sponsored properties in his portfolio. Since January, Drexel was managing the fast paced, competitive lease-up of Halyard in Gloucester, MA. His detailed understanding of the market allowed him to increase rents six times while achieving stabilization two months ahead of schedule! Drexel managed the marketing and preliminary qualifications for the affordable component that exists at his property. He is a graduate of Dolben 2017 Management Trainee Program.

Drexel has earned his Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) designation from the National Apartment Association (NAA). He is a graduate of Florida State University having earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a major in Entrepreneurship.